Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dalits Caste System

Dalits Caste System
Copyright By Merlene Bishop

Human beings have historically  perpetuated racial, ethnic, religious, gender and class discrimination. No discrimination compares to that forced upon the Dalits of India, which extends back 3,500 years.
The spiritual, social and economic discrimination against the Dalits under the caste system effectively reduces them to a sub-human level of existence. They are considered human in form only, and treated as animals, robbed of their dignity. They are labeled as "untouchable" and experience daily degradation, deprivement and torment. The Caste System, also known as The Four Varna System, began about 1500 B.C. when people of a caucasian race (erroneously referred to as Aryans) migrated to ancient India from southern Europe and northern Asia. At that time there were ethnic Indian communites  in the area from other origins dating back several millenia.

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